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Croatian Association of Crystallographers proudly announces the third edition of its branded, advanced crystallography workshop “Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography – HTCC” to be held in Bol, on the island of Brač (Croatia), from Sep. 23rd to 27th, 2018.

What is it all about?

More than a century has passed since the first structural studies based on the diffraction of X-rays by crystals were accomplished. Since then, the level of complexity that we are capable of examining dramatically accrued. Moreover, the recent developments to which we can witness over the last few decades put forward crystallography to the front lines of natural sciences. The HTCC project has an ambition to tackle some of the most fascinating of these achievements in both experimental methods and theoretical approaches, as well as to bring together the leading experts in the fields and the utterly ambitious young scientists keen to acquire new and exciting knowledge. We are avidly following latest developments in this exciting world of crystallography, material physics, structural chemistry and biology and many related fields, and choosing, among the many subjects of interest, three topics which we judge the hottest for each and every new HTCC we organize. Last year, HTCC2 has focused on the dynamic crystallography, non-ambient crystallography and charge-density studies. This year, we are keeping the non-ambient crystallography, but changing the scope and the approach, and we go on with the lasers and the total scattering – crystallography hidden beyond the Bragg equation. To read more details on the HTCC3 scientific concept, please go to the programme tab of this website.

What kind of audience we target?​

The principal HTCC target audience are, apparently, ambitious PhD students and postdocs, but also university teachers and lecturers at higher levels, young crystallographers in the early stages of their autonomous carriers, or chemists, physicists, biologists and other scientists who want to spice up their research with an additional hint of interdisciplinarity, or, simply learn what’s new in the fascinating world of crystallography.

A word or two about the HTCC locations

We know how important an inspiring location for a scientific event is, so we carefully choose the location for each and every HTCC. Luckily, in this extraordinary country of ours, there is no shortage of extraordinary places. The first edition we held in the Solaris resort near Šibenik – one of the hidden jewels of the Croatian Adriatic. Solaris resort is an architectural masterpiece from the early seventies, recently sensibly renovated to retain its ingenious concept yet to add all possible achievements of the digital era. Last spring, for the HTCC2, we have chosen Poreč – a delightful town on the western Istrian coast. The third workshop in series will be held in the unique town of Bol. There are no words to describe the serenity of this place, and pictures just dont do justice to it, so don’t only google it – come and see it by yourself.

For more on the previous HTCCs, click here – HTCC1 in Šibenik, and HTCC2 in Poreč.