Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography 4

Croatian Association of Crystallographers presents the new edition of its advanced crystallography workshop


Mlini, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Oct. 1 – 6, 2019


HTCC workshops – What is it all about?

The HTCC workshops tackle most fascinating achievements in both experimental methods and theoretical approaches, which lately put forward structural research to the front lines of natural sciences. We bring together leading experts in chosen domains as lecturers, and utterly ambitious scientists in crystallography or related fields as “students”, who may come from both academia and industry, are keen to acquire new knowledge on the cutting edge methods in structural sciences and explore options to apply them to their ongoing research, or simply desire to find a glimmer of inspiration for their future projects based on the latest developments in structural research.

HTCC4 – Structural biology​

HTCC4 will entirely be dedicated to structural biology. Over four intense working days, we shall cover techniques which go beyond classical crystallography, yet which complement it so smoothly: XFEL – X-ray free electron laser (HT1), cryo electron microscopy (HT2), NMR in macromolecular structural research (HT3) and biomolecular in-silico simulations (HT4). The lecturers and tutors shall explain fundamentals of these methodologies, give examples on their practical applications, tutor the practical and interactive sessions, and moderate round table discussions on how to apply these methods to your own research. The examples of particular systems studied with the presented methods shall emphasize intertwist between the four chosen hot topics in contemporary research. The complementarity of each of the hot topics with classical crystallography shall be discussed.

What kind of audience we target?​

The principal HTCC target audiences are, apparently, young(ish) crystallographers, electron microscopists, NMRists and researchers in in silico simulations dealing with biomacromolecular systems. Nonetheless, we count on researchers from the domains of (bio)chemistry, physics, biology and life sciences from both industry and academia, who appreciate and take advantage of the structural studies, want to spice up their research with an additional hint of interdisciplinarity, or, simply learn what’s new in the dynamic world of structural research.

Croatian Association of Crystallographers – Who are we?

The organizer of the HTCC workshop – Croatian Association of Crystallographers (CAC) is a registered charity specialized in the organization of the international gatherings in structural sciences. 29th European Crystallographic Meeting with over 1000 participants, 3rd European Crystallography School and the series of HTCC workshops make up our portfolio, which shall be enriched with the 17th European Powder diffraction meeting in May 2020 (EPDIC17).

Previous editions of HTCC

The story of HTCC started with HTCC1 held in Šibenik 2014, continued with the HTCC2 in Poreč 2017, and came to the point of no return with HTCC3 in Bol 2018. First edition was the pilot project, held as a central event to mark the IYCr2014 (International Year of Crystallography) in Croatia. The following years (2015 and 2016) where the years of the major crystallographic events organized by the Croatian Association of Crystallography – ECM29 and ECS3. Therefore, the second edition of the HTCC had to wait 2017 to be launched. HTCC2 and HTCC3 were conceived as relatively heterogeneous mixtures of crystallographic hot topics, intended to provide a broader picture, while HTCC4 will, as pointed out above, be entirely dedicated to biomacromolecular structural research.