Croatian Association of Crystallographers (CAC) is a professional association and a non-profit organization, established at the Founding Assembly held on August 24th, 2012. CAC became a legal entity by the formal decision of the Office for general administration of the City of Zagreb, from October 9th, 2012. CAC is enrolled to the File of citizens’ associations (non-profit organizations) of the Republic of Croatia under the registration number 21009622. By the decision of the Founding Assembly of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers, all members of the Association are automatically members of its Assembly, which is the governing body of the Association. Aleksandar Višnjevac was elected president of the Association, vice-president is Mario Cetina, secretary of the Association is Marijana Đaković and Jasminka Popović was elected treasurer of the CAC. All officials of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers are elected to a four-years term.

Founders of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Mirjana Bijelić,
  2. prof. dr. Mario Cetina,
  3. prof. dr. Marijana Đaković,
  4. dr. Marija Luić,
  5. prof. dr. Dubravka Matković-Čalogović,
  6. dr. Jasminka Popović,
  7. akademik prof. dr. Stanko Popović,
  8. prof. dr. Željko Skoko,
  9. prof. dr. Ana Šantić,
  10. dr. Goran Štefanić,
  11. dr. Zoran Štefanić,
  12. prof. dr. Darko Tibljaš,
  13. dr. Aleksandar Višnjevac, and
  14. Martina Vrankić

CAC objectives. CAC is a non-profit legal entity, founded with the objectivs of promoting excellence, collaboration and careers development within the Croatian crystallographic community, as well as promoting Croatia as the regional stronghold of the crystallography, all this by organizing international workshops, conferences and other scientific meetings, helping and promoting the international collaboration of scientists, visits abroad, life-long education of its members and funding the research activities.

CAC vision is it to remain small, efficient association of highly motivated scientists, dedicated to the affirmation of crystallography within the scientific community and in general, support to the young talented crystallographers, and affiramtion of Croatia as the regional centre of crystallography.

CAC mission is, in the mid-term period to come, to establish Croatia as the regional centre of crystallographic disciplines, in terms of education and research.