The Montenegrin Bureau of Metrology is collaborating with the Croatian Association of Crystallographers in conducting the second round of the competition “The beauty of crystals 2020”, modeled on the competition “The beauty of crystal surfaces”, held twice already in Croatia.

The competition consists of creating the largest and most proper single crystal of the specified compound in a limited time period and is meant for 7th, 8th and 9th-year elementary school students and high school students in Montenegro.









The goal of the competition is to bring the students closer to the fascinating world of crystals and their growth, to familiarise them with some crystallization methods, and to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry. Through this project, the students will learn the basic procedures of laboratory work and the scientific research methodology.









The competition consists of two categories for elementary school students and three categories for the high school students:

  1. Growing crystals of inorganic salt
  2. Growing crystals of organic salt
  3. Challenging category (only for the high school students)

In the challenging category, students will need to prepare double salt in order to crystallize a single crystal of the desired composition.